June 7, 2018. Baluarte


The great science festival

The first Navarre Science Gala comes to Pamplona in the form of a science and technology festival for everyone, which will bring science closer to society. This inspirational event will generate interest in the scientific knowledge that is so present and necessary in our everyday lives.

On June 7, some of the most internationally renowned names in different fields of science and technology will gather in Baluarte.

The Science Gala will also feature the 1st SciencEkaitza Scientific Awards ceremony. Accolades will recognize both the work of those dedicated to Research, Development and Innovation in Navarre, as well as their creative capacity and spirit of cooperation.


The most groundbreaking ideas compete with one another.

The 1st SciencEkaitza Scientific Awards were created to publicly recognize the most innovative ideas with the greatest capacity to transform both the economy and society. The intent is to identify and promote those collaborative projects which, due to their unique or disruptive nature, many times never see the light of day.

The scientific research and technologist community from universities, research centers and technology centers in Navarre are convened to present their proposals in the sectors that form part of Navarre’s Intelligent Specialization Strategy in Research and Innovation.

The winning project of the 1st SciencEkaitza Scientific Awards will receive international recognition, as well as support for its implementation.


A better world, thanks to science.

Scientific research, technology and innovation are crucial for sustainable economic development, from both a social and environmental perspective. All scientific and technological progress made in the different fields of science has a direct impact on society and the quality of life of people.

Scientific outreach aims to communicate the advances that are made on a continuous basis in very diverse fields of research. This outreach work is becoming increasingly necessary so that society can give those involved the recognition they deserve.

It is important to generate a close relationship between science and society, so that each person feels part of a future that we all build together.


Our innovative vocation

Navarre is a region with a long track record in applying policies intended to strengthen and develop scientific research and technology.

In our community, numerous technology and research centers, universities, companies and entrepreneurs have been consolidated with the experience and talent necessary to ensure Navarre remains a pioneering region in science, technology and innovation.

ADItech is a coordinating agent of the Navarre R&D&i System (SINAI), charged with promoting initiatives in science and research among companies, technology centers and universities, so that their projects provide the maximum value to society. With this goal in mind, it has organized the first Navarre Science Gala and the first edition of the SciencEkaitza Scientific Awards.