SciencEkaitza 2021

June 25, 7:00 p.m.
III Scientific Gala of Navarra

The SciencEkaitza scientific awards ceremony and science festival will be held again in Pamplona maintaining its spirit of recognition of the work of the research community and of inspiration to society with an event where science, technology, creativity and humor.

The La Fura dels Baus theater company will premiere the show Dinamo, a story created ad hoc for SciencEkaitza and which pays tribute to the research group of the Navarra R&D& i System. The show immerses us in the process of scientific thought and shows how, thanks to the curiosity, patience and tenacity of the scientific and research community, results are achieved that help improve the well-being of society.

The humorist Luis Piedrahita will present one more year the science gala and awards ceremony, with his usual sense of humor

A unique cultural experience of
science, art, technology,
spectacle, special effects, impact
and a lot of emotion.

La Fura dels Baus

La Fura dels Baus

La Fura dels Baus is eccentricity, innovation, adaptation, rhythm, evolution and transgression. They are pioneers in reconceptualizing two of the most important aspects of all dramatic art: the performance space and the role of the audience, breaking the “fourth wall”.

The interdisciplinary approach of this company has led it to merge the traditional with the hypertechnological in the scene: from the first theatrical proposals of impact, to institutional ceremonies, opera performances or online productions.

The capacity for risk and creative contagion has provided La Fura with wide international recognition and prestige, both at the public and critical levels, and also with regard to academic research.


SciencEkaitza, now an international competition

The third edition of the SciencEkaitza 2021 Contest has opened the deadline for submission of candidatures with important news. The main one is the creation of new categories that allow the participation of international projects.

The objective of the contest continues to be to recognize disruptive and transformative ideas that combine excellence, feasibility and impact or that are raised from creativity and scientific-technological innovation.


  • SE2021_SINAI. Recognition of ongoing collaborative projects associated with one of the 6 technological areas of smart specialisation in Navarra (RIS3)
  • SE2021_IDEAS. Award for new disruptive and collaborative ideas in Navarra
  • SE2021_OPEN. Award for new international disruptive ideas

All submissions presented will collectively, and on equal grounds, be judged for the category:

  • SE2021_PÚBLICO. Project most voted by the public through the SciencEkaitza website


The deadline for submitting projects ends on Friday, May 14, 2021 at 12:00 p.m.


The SciencEkaitza Scientific Awards are organized by ADItech, coordinator of the Navarra R&D&i System, SINAI, with the collaboration of Government of Navarra, the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the support of other public and private entities. If you want to link the image of your company to this international event, which unites science and society, and be part of the community of sponsoring or collaborating companies that supports scientific dissemination in Navarra, you can contact ADitech.

Contact person: Paula Noya
Telephone: +34 948 29 31 30

Public interest project with recognised MECNA
(Regional Law on Patronage of Navarra) distinction.

Project promoting scientific,
technological and innovation culture .

Project fomented by the department of
Economic and Business Development of
the Government of Navarra, through the
Directorate-General of Industry,
Energy and Strategic Projects S3.

Project supported by the Institute
Navarra for Equality.