The SciencEkaitza Science Competition will award the following prizes, which may be cumulative:

  • 4 runner-up prizes, one for each area of smart specialization that will be recognized as the proposals with the greatest potential to be developed in each sector: Automotive sector and Mechatronics, Health, Food Chain and Renewable Energies and Resources.
  • I SciencEkaitza Prize, which will be recognized as the proposal with the greatest potential to transform the economy and society in Navarre.

Besides recognition and international prestige, the winning team of the first SciencEkaitza Prize and the four runner-up awards will receive a check worth €4,000 and €1,500, respectively. The intent of the SciencEkaitza Awards is to contribute to the promotion and social recognition of science and technologies developed in Navarre, as well as promoting new vocations and introducing society to the developments that will improve their quality of life. The I SciencEkaitza Prize will receive support for the development of the idea according to its needs for implementation. Some examples of support formulas that are feasible on behalf of the ADItech Corporation structure are:

  • Personalized advisement for implementation, based on specific development projects.
  • Identification of sources of financing on a European level for the technological development of the project.
  • Support in obtaining financing from the aforementioned sources.
  • Dissemination of the winning idea.